SOUTH PARK FITNESS – February is Really Resolution Time

Written by on January 21st, 2014

Well it’s January again so it’s time for resolutions. Most people making resolutions have one that is fitness related. Whether it’s losing a few pounds, running a half marathon, or just feeling better, fitness is a goal. However, most people don’t get around starting their good resolutions until February. Most of us are still reeling from the holidays and dealing with life’s “first of the year” priorities, so it’s hard to find time to get to the gym. By February things calm down a bit and there are no more reasons to procrastinate. Time to schedule exercise into your life.



If you’re looking for a gym, make sure it is located where it’s convenient for you. The number one factor in getting results is getting to the gym consistently. If your gym is not convenient you’re not going to get there as often. Consistency is absolutely necessary for results. As Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is showing up”. Just get to the gym and something good will happen. Empower yourself, exercise!

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