May Gray, June Gloom – SOUTH PARK FITNESS

Written by on May 12th, 2014



Now that the heatwave has subsided, remember not to let the months of May and June lull you into complacency.  In most places, May and June marks the beginning of summer.  In San Diego, however, summer doesn’t really get underway until the Fourth of July, when the marine layer burns off each morning.  That’s when the beaches and barbeques are in full swing.  That’s when you want to look your best.  Use these two gray and gloomy months to dial in your training and get to the gym regularly every week.  If you can’t make it to the gym then get outside.  Go for a swim, take a walk, ride your bike, go for a run, or take a hike.  All of these outdoor activities are not only good for your body, but your mind and soul as well.  Keep moving and make good food choices.  Feel good about yourself – exercise!

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