HOME EC STUDIO – Fashion Camp Starts on The 15th!

Written by on July 8th, 2013



Fashion Camp Starts on the 15th!  We have spots available. We are kicking off our fashion camp with a summer shorts pattern. We anticipate that students will also be able to complete a summer skirts and some extra accessorizing goodies in this class. We provide all materials for our camps, as well as small snacks and beverages. Our camps start at ages 8 and up and there is no sewing experience necessary. We teach them everything from how to thread a needle to the anatomy of the machines, and beyond. We teach them the skills they need to feel comfortable and confident as they are using their new craft to create their own garments.  Sign up for our summer camps here.

This is the beginning of a great summer.  We hope to see you in the studio sewing soon!

Roselle & Yvonne

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