What Should You Do With an Inheritance? – EDWARD JONES

Written by on February 28th, 2019

If you were to receive a sizable inheritance, what should you do with it? This money could help you achieve some of your important financial goals – so you’ll want to think carefully about your choices.

For one thing, you could use part of your inheritance to pay off some debts. The lower your debt load, the better your cash flow.

Also, your inheritance may give you an opportunity to contribute more to your 401(k), IRA or other retirement accounts.

And you might also be able to help your children or grandchildren by placing some of your inheritance into a college savings vehicle, such as a 529 plan.

Here’s one more suggestion: Get the help you need. A financial professional can recommend ways of adjusting your long-term strategy to accommodate the influx of money from your inheritance. And you also may need to consult with your tax advisor, because some assets you may inherit, such as an IRA, could have tax implications.

Your loved ones worked hard to leave you an inheritance. So do everything you can to handle it wisely.

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